Why Partner with Us?

We reward our partners with trust and by giving our 100% for the project(s) that have been jointly undertaken. In the field of mobile and web development, we will completely allocate all our resources and render the best possible industry standards to the project to assure the highest quality.

Sales Partner

  • (Best suitable for Sales professionals / Interns / Business Consultants)
  • Sales Partner plays a role of a Business Executive that generates qualified & confirmed business sales lead which is directed to Cybereak. The Sales partner remains more involved at pre-sales level in order to facilitate presales and techno-commercial discussion with qualified lead. The Sales partner will be representative of Cybereak. in their region/territory with roles of pre-sales and Project Qualification Process like Negotiate purchases, getting the project requirements, expedite sales while Cybereak team at offshore centre will execute the project for each successful project , Cybereak will predetermined commission percentage with you Profit Sharing: 50% of Total Invoiced Amount

    Referral Partner

    Best suitable Small business owners / Business Consultants /House wife) Referral Partners refers potential sales leads to Cyberak. here Partner’s role is limited to giving a reference of his contacts who has probable business lead or an opportunity based on Cybereak line of business i.e. a functional middleman that brings buyers and sellers together. Profit Sharing: 15% of Total Invoiced Amount

    If you have any further queries regarding our company or partnership programs Contact Us On: 8983834716